Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride has been used around the world for decades, but just recently grabbed attention in the U.S. Advantage Arrest™ from Elevate Oral Care was the first silver diamine fluoride approved by the FDA. Our offices uses it for several reasons:

  • To give immediate relief for dental hypersensitivity.
  • To kill disease-carrying organisms.
  • To harden softened teeth and make them more resistant to acid and abrasion.
  • To diagnose caries, or decay and crumbling of a tooth or bone, and to treat it.

Our product won’t stain good enamel or surface area, but it will find hidden lesions and abrasions. The fluoride seeks out tiny imperfections and stains them, allowing the dentist to see problems that otherwise would have stayed hidden until the problem became worse.

Caries in children is especially complicated and damaging. The problem with caries is that treatment is often accompanied by barriers such as behavioral issues and cost of care. If left untreated, it has a negative impact on a child’s quality of life. Silver diamine fluoride is an alternative option to other treatments that might not be possible.

Preventative care is a top priority for Dr. Osundeko and her team. Screening ahead for dental problems is similar to screening ahead for any other serious condition, including oral cancer. You want to stop any critical problem from ever happening, or catch it early so you can treat the problem before any permanent damage occurs.

Dental techniques are always advancing, and our office uses tried and tested methods that we are sure will improve your treatment. By embracing these new approaches to dentistry, your visits to our office will be more productive and comfortable.

Silver Diamine Fluoride is part of this process, along with many of the other preventative services we offer. If you’d like to learn more about this product and our process, call our office today to make an appointment.