COVID-19 Protocol

Dear White Center Smiles Community,

Thank you for your patience while we at White Center Smiles have been preparing to care for you, our patients, in this new normal. I hope you have all been well! I genuinely look forward to seeing each and everyone of you “mask to mask” as we get you scheduled to continue your dental care and I know I speak for each of team in saying that they do too!

In order to make an appointment now, here are the appropriate steps.

  1. Call or text to schedule with us at 206.762.2573. You can also email us at
  2. Pay the copay on our secure portal at
  3. Show up on time to your appointment but remain in your car and call or text us. We will meet you at our entrance where you will submit to a temperature and O2 screening.

We are respecting the government mandate at this time with 100% compliance, for your safety and for ours. We have updated all of our protocols for the safe treatment and evaluation of patients, which is described in detail below.

We are NOT, seeing any patients with COVID-19, or have other respiratory issues including FLU at this time.

The following is a description of the updates to our patient and staff safety protocols if you are interested in learning about them.

We have always practiced above the current CDC and Washington State Department of Health guidelines for infection control. That said, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic we feel it is prudent to update our infection control measures beyond the care of instruments, touch points and office furniture to include infection control measures for air quality. We are proud of our practice and want to be leaders in the execution of providing our patients with the safest possible experience in an office setting. We have carefully vetted several air purification methods in addition to introducing new infection controls measures that exceed current guidelines by a wide margin.

We take your safety and our safety as priority number one when it comes to patient care. From the business office to the treatment areas, these measures are meant to provide you comfort in knowing that everything that can be done to protect one another, is being done at White Center Smiles. These measures are not negotiable and we appreciate your understanding that your safety and the safety of our staff necessitates these actions to ensure we are able to provide safe and comfortable care to you.

In that vein I want you to know all of us here are more aware than ever that proper infection control (augmented infection control and disinfection measures) will be at the fore of everyone’s mind as we start to return to the “new” normal in the post-corona virus world.

I would like to outline for you how your future visits will differ from the past ones

  1. To minimize the need for passing documents we ask that patients complete as much as possible online in advance of their visits including payments.
    1. Payments can be made at:
      1. Please enter the first and last name of the patient to be scheduled or confirmed in the comments section circled in the image below
      2. If your full address does not fit in the address line, please do not be concerned as the payment will still process
    2. Patient forms can be found at:
      1. Please email them to and they will be added to your patient chart
  2. We have incorporated two devices which will help to minimize airborne aerosols which can lead to transmission of micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses.
    1. We will complete daily Ozone Gas disinfection of all treatment areas as part of our day end protocol.
    2. During business hours: Medical grade air filtration systems will be running to clear aerosols at a rate of 4 times/hour air exchange.  This is meaningful as it means all aerosols in the area are cleared every fifteen minutes.
  3. PPE – All doctors and staff in treatment areas will wear disposable/washable gowns, ASTM level III masks or N95/KN95 respirators in addition to face protection. This protection goes both ways, from patient to provider and provider to patient.
  4. All critical care touch points will be disinfected regularly. These include countertops, arm rests, door handles, essentially anywhere patients or staff have regular contact with surfaces.  (Routine disinfection has been part of our protocol for years, but deserves emphasis here).
  5. In addition, all treatment operatories are disinfected using universal guidelines. Barriers are NOT required on lights, light handles, trays as these are disinfected after each patient interaction.
  6. Touchless payment options are being instituted, (these may not be available by your next visit, but your credit card will be disinfected after transactions). 
  7. Our staff will be screened regularly in the same way that our patients are for risk factors. If we feel there is any risk due to their presence to you or other staff, they will be asked to stay at home.

During this difficult time, I want you to know our #1 priority is safety for both our team and you our patients. We want you to know we are here for you, but we ask that you stay home for us if you can do so.

Be on the look out for further updates. We will be evaluating our protocols bi-weekly and updating them accordingly. We hope to see you soon.  We will be ready with an environment that emphasizes our core values of safety and comfortable treatment.

Dr. Osundeko